I am a full time professional Realtor working in the greater Toronto area. I grew up in the business as my father was a successful Broker in Essex County for nearly 55 years. As well as valuable experience in all aspects of the market, I studied Environmental Studies at the University of Waterloo with a focus on Urban and Regional Planning. I am also a past member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada and worked as a full time Appraiser in Toronto for Banks,Trust Companies, Government Departments and Private Individuals.

How Long Have You Been In The Industry And How Did You Get Started?

I have been licensed since 1972, the summer after my first year at University of Waterloo. (Oh No... that long ago!) but actually, grew up in the business answering the home phone line for my Father’s Brokerage, Kubis Realty Ltd. and sitting at Open Houses in his residential developments after school and weekends. In those days the rules were somewhat lax. When I moved from the Windsor area to live and work in Toronto, I worked as a full time Real Estate Appraiser. This gave me the experience and confidence to work anywhere in the GTA. A good thing.

What Are Some Of The Things You Enjoy Most About Working In Your Industry?

I love meeting new people and helping them realize their dreams.

Are There Any Particular Challenges Of Working In Your Part of The Country?

I have to say generally no, but, because the City is so huge it is a bit difficult to keep on top of all the new development projects. It seems that change is happening at the speed of light!!

What Do You Like Doing In Your Spare Time?

I am a golf-a–holic in the good weather and during our long dark winters, I Curl out of Scarboro Golf and Country Club. I have been curling as long as I can remember and it is rapidly becoming a widely accepted sport to watch and to participate in. It has a great social aspect and truly is a great workout.

What Person In Your Life (Either Someone You Know Or A Public Figure) Has Most Inspired You And Why?

I would have to say my dad. He was a risk taker, forward thinker and a pioneer in this profession of ours. He retired as a very active Realtor, at the age of 82. He still goes on the computer daily to keep in touch!

What Characteristics Do You Think You Have That Make You Successful In Your Business?

A couple of things. I have a degree in Environmental Studies (BES) where I formally studied Urban Geography and Urban and Regional Planning. I also spent 7 or 8 years working as a full time Real Estate Appraiser when I first moved to Toronto. This has given me the experience and confidence to work all over in the GTA. This is helpful as my clients are mostly repeat or referrals and so I am there to service their needs. I have unlimited PATIENCE. My clients can attest to this and the majority of them have trusted me with repeat and referral business.

What Are the Top Three Things That Separate You From Your Competition?

One of the things I pride myself on, is that I offer personal service. I handle the process from beginning to end and this results in a Flawless experience.

Knowledge: I have been a life-long student of this profession. I have the formal education and the street smarts.

Experience: I have worked in large and small markets (Windsor/Essex, Kitchener Waterloo, Toronto) and have seen and survived every economic up and down that this Industry has gone through in the past  decades. I have had success in times of 20+% mortgage interest rates as well as 1.5%. It has been my life!

What Top Tip For Success Would You Share With PropertyWire.Ca's Readers?

Choose Wisely... Choose Experience!