Kim Coulter & David Safarian

Well, we have been in our house for almost one year now….hard to believe. We love it here in the Beaches. Many thanks to you.

You not only sold us this house, the house we plan to finish raising our family and then retire in, but you also sold us our previous house, where we first started our family. Our needs and our dreams have changed over the years and you were always there with us to go with the flow. One minute we wanted a bigger house, the next we wanted a nicer street, the next we wanted a lifestyle move, and what we really wanted was all those things and more. Thank you for helping us find our home. That is no small task in Toronto.

We appreciated your willingness to show us the houses that we wanted to see, even if you thought they weren’t right for us. We appreciated even more, your patience in spending the time before this deal closed, while we planned our renovations, design and décor.

And of course, last, but not least, the money!!!! You helped us negotiate a good price for our new house and then made it even more affordable by helping us price our old house at just the right level. To top it off, you got an over asking price, with no conditions, while we were away on vacation. Now that is how to sell a house and make your clients very happy.

Thanks so much Karen. We couldn’t have done it without you!!

Bill Rigakos & Deirdre Heron

You always feel that Karen is looking out for your best interests.

We have used Karen in 2 home purchases and 1 home sale. When buying a home, her patience is very refreshing. Karen's approach is to help you find exactly what is right and not to pressure you into purchasing a home simply to close the deal.

The recent sale of our home through Karen resulted in high interest in the property which resulted in a sale within 5 days with multiple offers, above asking! We felt that her experience and understanding of the real estate market allowed us to achieve the maximum selling price for our home. We have been very happy with Karen's abilitities and professionalism and often recommend her to friends.

Leslie Merklinger

I just wanted to thank you again for the lovely dinner last night. It was so generous of you, and I apologize for adding to the numbers with Claire! But she had a wonderful time, and went on and on about you on the way home!

You know how appreciative Karen Mike and I are that you have taken such good care of Mom in helping her through the big changes in her life. Her first independent move into her Kenilworth home, and now, her move towards an easier life, where she can relax.

It’s such a good feeling to know that we have you fighting for us in negotiations, and supporting us in our tearful moments (we’ve all had ‘em!). Remember, Jeff and I will be calling you before you know it!